Tips and Troubleshooting for Type II Aluminum Anodizing

November 28, 2017


The number one problem people have when anodizing is not listening to a professional like myself. I wrote a book on this topic and have helped all these customers with their problems. I also carry all the proper  dyes and chemicals. The number 2 problem is too strong of acid mix and not listening to a professional like myself. The number 3 problem is not providing information or answering questions and sending me on a wild guessing game. The book i wrote is invaluable to any anodizer and the complete process and setup is in detail there.
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Over the years I've had hundreds of questions on how to anodize aluminum so I wrote this manual to help setup with the anodizing phase. This contains everything I know and have tried to put this into an easier to follow format. This will be essential for those with limited knowledge and a learning tool for more advanced anodizers. 
Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Chapter One - Equipment 3
Chapter Two – Setting up acid tank 4
Chapter Three – Prepping and racking 5-7
Chapter Four - Anodizing 8-10
Chapter Five - Dyes 11-13
Chapter Six - Sealant 14
Chapter Seven – Finishing and Polish 15-16
Chapter Eight – Titanium Anodizing 17-19
Voltage Relationship to Pore Density 20
Aluminum Alloys 20-21
Acids 22
Specific Gravity – Acid Density 23-24
Definitions 25
Troubleshooting 26
Frequently Asked Questions 27
Constant Amperage 28
Quick Chart 29
Drawings 30
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